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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Daddy and Mommy please kiss again
Dedicated to My Dearest Children

Submitted by Brenda

I'm a single Mom of 3 beautiful children and they desperatly want mommy and daddy to get back together .Daddy comes to the house on the weekends to pick up the kids for there stay at his home.We have been apart for a couple of years now but deep inside we still have the love for each other.Every now and then we talk about how we can not be with anyone else as it would hurt us and are children.We have given each other a kiss and hug in front of our children and they jump up and down with excitement as they say mommy and daddy are together again because of just that little kiss.The other night I had a dream that we did get back together and we decided to make it special with a trip to Hawaii.a trip well needed as Hawaii is very romantic and romance is what we need to get back on track.In my dream my kids were so excited that mommy and daddy decided to start over again and there family would be together as one again the expression on there faces was priceless but then i woke up and it was just a dream and thought wouldn't it be nice to actually say to the kids mommy and daddy are back together again and make there dream come true.

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