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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My Lobster
Dedicated to Robert Agnew-my husband

Submitted by Anonymous

My lovestory started in 1976-you see this was after my divorce to my first husband-which was a disaster,that I met Robert...I was totally impressed right from the beginning..not yet ready to meet anyone knew..couldn't help but to notice that robert might be THE ONE,first of all,I had two boys from my first marriage and their father just walked away with no responsiblty to his children..robert also had two boys from his previous marriage-where he gladly paid his child support and also had his boys over every second weekend and was totally involved in their lives..also,something we wern't use to-took me and the kids(ages 4 and eighteen months) under his wing and still continues to do so today..even though all the kids are grown-up and out on their own..also,my health has been unsettling to say the least-since 1987 to todays date-I have had 4 heart attacks,5 angio plastys,a stroke,was diagnosed with Crhones Disease in 1993,diagnosed with M.S. in 2001,and Diabetes just this year...and yet robert is still beside me and looks after me with the best care. Robert could never know how lucky I am,and blessed.Thats how come I know he's my lobster(in life).Since we just celebrated our 25th anniversary,I would love to win this contest for a trip to Hawaii-as we always promised ourselves that on our 25th,if we made it that far,we would go to Hawaii and renew our wedding vows...unfortunatly,due to lack of funds were unable to do this-it would be a wonderful way to say THANK-YOU-I would love to marry you again,in HAWAII,liked we hoped

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