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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Still in love
Dedicated to Lucas Ross

Submitted by Andreia

In the beggining of August of 2004 I met somebody who became very special for me. I saw Lucas for the first time in a local fair in Colorado in a small town, Carbondale, it was love by first sign, I can remember perfectly his expression, his blue eyes, and very well drawed month. I kept looking at him for a few minutes without noticing it. I felt something special and I thought that I might have seen him before, but I could not find out where,or when that could ever have happened.

Some hours later when the event was over, I drove home with a very nice friend of mine, and there he was, sitting down, aparently reading something in a living room right next door to my home! I didn't resist to the temptation of going over there and talk to him. Then, without my girl friend's approval I said I was going to go there and talk to him, ask for a glass of water, or use any excuse just to talk to him, there was something pushing me to do that, And I know what it was, I wanted him.

He was surprised with my sudden visit, although I have never seen him, he knew who I was and he was nice, polite, suprised , all at the same time. But he was also happy for having something over since he lived by himself. we talked for hours, and later that night we had our first kisses...

In the next day, I was on my way to go to the gym but my rote changed as soon as I saw him standing in front of his house, saying that we should do sothing together. We had a great evening, we went down to Red Stone, fifteen minutes away from Carbondale, and then we had dinner at a local and nice restaurante in this town, and he said " that's our first dinner together" That was special because I felt special for being there with him, and for believing that we would certainly have other nice moments like that.

And so it happened. We kept seen each other, going hikings together, biking in the evenings, and talking about mine and his life... And also about plans for the future, that was when he told me he had to move back to Kauai, his hometown in Hawaii, in the beggining of October 2004. We had a month and a half only, to enjoy as much as we could and to live this romance in the best way. And we did, Everything around here reminds me him, I truely desire to have him around again, I like him and I know he likes me too, I want another chance to love him one more time.

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