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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

I' m not letting you go!
Dedicated to Kevin

Submitted by Anonymous

Kevin and I worked together 25 years ago. We were friends, buddies, pals. No dating involved. We meant alot to each other, but no romance. I moved away and twice he traveled 600 miles to see me. Time passed and we lost touch.

Ten years later, I was traveling to see my brother and spent two days in the area where Kevin lives. After being invited to a holiday gathering, I called and asked him to stop in and say hello to old friends. It was so sweet to see him again. He asked for the phone number where I was staying and if we could get together for breakfast the next morning. I gave Kevin the number, however, I had switched two of the digits. Not to be daunted, he drove around the area where I was staying and looked for an out of state car. I was embarrassed and amazed that he would put so much energy into a breakfast meeting. We had such a wonderful time catching up on news and remembering old times that we decided to have lunch on my way back though the area.

A week later, we did get together and have lunch. We decided to take a stroll along the river. I was shocked when he put his arms around me and said don't go. Being ever so logical, I said said "I have to go, I have a house and a job". Kevin then proceeded to tell me he had always regreted not saying the words years ago and that he would not let me walk away again without telling me that he loved me. My world tilted.

After having a long distance relationship and very large phone bills for over a year, I moved back to my Kevin. Three years later, we flew to Maui and were married. Better late than never!
The wedding, the island and the people were all incredible. We speak often of misisng Hawaii. We plan on returning someday and re-visiting the special places. I cannot think of a better setting to culminate our love of 28 years than Hawaii. The people and their culture respect life and love. They honor tradition. We were priviledged to be part of their world for a breif period. Aloha.

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