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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

How Was I To Know
Dedicated to Raul

Submitted by Anonymous

Dear Raul,

As you know, the past three years of our life together has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. Married one year, separated one year with you living 1200 miles away, and somehow, even after filing for divorce, once again reunited.

After you left, I was devastated. I couldn't understand how the love of my life could be so miserable when I tried my best to make you happy. You said you would come back, yet admitted your heart wasn't into it. After all your unfulfilled promises during the year you were gone, I had no choice but to get on with my life and finally get over you, even though we both loved each other still. You hurt me more than I have ever been hurt in my life.

How was I to know that filing for divorce would be the proverbial "brick on the head" for you? I couldn't believe the things you did to get me back some sane, some not so sane, but persistent nonetheless. After you flew here from California the first time to try to talk to me because I would not talk to you on the phone, instead of giving up even when I wouldn't see while you were here, you flew here again a second time! What really got to me was when I finally gave in and saw you the second time you were here, you had that huge suitcase filled with almost every article of clothing you had and you told me you were not going back to California that you were here for good because you knew you couldn't live without me.

I just wanted you to know that since you have been back, you have been the best husband and stepfather anyone could ask for. You really have changed so much and my love for you has only grown deeper. I look forward to the years ahead of us, good and bad, because no matter what happens, we will go through them together while loving each other more as every day passes.

You have always spoken of how much you loved Hawaii the one time you were there and you know how much I love tropical places with beautiful beaches, so that's why we are saving to go there next year. That is also why I am writing this letter to you to let you know, as I always do, how much I truly love you. I know that I will never find someone who loves me as much as you do. You show me every day with your words and actions and I never want to lose you. We have talked about renewing our wedding vows, and I don't think there is a more romantic place on earth to do that than Hawaii. No one else needs to be there, just you and I and Austin, because that's all that matters just our little happy family.

Raul, will you marry me again?

I love you.

Love, Terri

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