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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Desperately Seeking.....
Dedicated to Elvis

Submitted by Anonymous

hawaii has always been my home. born and raised here its easy to often take for granted the tradewinds and often surreal life that we islanders are fortunate to live. over a year ago, when i least expected it, i fell in love with someone whose life long wish was to come to part of 'paradise'-hawaii, and start a life here. young, ambitious and funny, he was so determined that he was willing to pick up and leave for the sake of 'love'. we spoke endlessly of how it was to be here, what the weather was like, the people, the jobs, as much as we wanted to be together i knew it best to not 'sugarcoat' the truth that the cost of living here was high and it would not be so easy to come without a plan. what started innocently as a friendship was evident that it was growing into more, he professed his love and spoke of his lifelong dream and plans of moving here against all odds. that was nearly 2 yrs ago, we've lost touch since then and i no longer know if he ever was able to 'stick it out and live his dream'....the last time we spoke i mentioned that no matter what, to never lose touch with me, and that with the gift i gave him, to remember me and what we had each time he looked at it. he stole my heart with his smiles and dreams and i only wish that i had the chance to have told him that. i will always be 'desperately seeking' him in a crowded room or on the beaches that he loved so much, but most of all i will remember that the most important lesson he taught me was to love with all your heart and never fear the unknown. love can move oceans and bring many fond memories and smiles in the least expected places, i hope he will remember that i will always have a place for him in my heart here in the 'paradise' that he wished so desperately to find.

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