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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

My Heart Across The Seas
Dedicated to Love

Submitted by Anonymous

from a brief encounter i met a girl who was visiting the 'city that never sleeps'..our brief encounter mesmerized me and she was all that i could think about. after finding out that she lived in hawaii i was determined to move there with what little i had to be with her. for some that may seem crazy, for others, they can empathize because they understand that love does unexplainable things to you sometimes... we kept in touch for awhile and though i know she still lives there, we lost touch when she had some family issues and i am desperate to reconnect with her somehow. she knew me better than most and had the 'island' style that i always imagined it to be like. its been nearly 2 years since i spoke to her, and i can only hope that she is in hawaii...paradise..waiting for me or searching for me too. i wasn't searching for love but it seems that love found me. our conversations and the way she'd make me feel are feelings that you search your whole life for, we connected and i know that if i got the chance again to see her just one more time, it would seem as if no time had lapsed. if fate permits, we will cross paths again, a love like ours comes but once in life and the impression is so deep that you never forget when people think of hawaii and they think of swaying palm trees and open seas, i think of paradise with my hawaiian sweetheart that stole my heart across the seas.

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