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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Second Chance
Dedicated to Augie

Submitted by Paula

the very first time I met augie I didn't think much of it because I wasn't looking for love.I was only 17 years old. But I couldn't excape him because every where I turned Augie was there waiting for me to just talk to him. Wich I didn't at first, I would some how find a way to hide from him. Untill 4 months later I met him again at a Christmas party and we began to talk and I realized that I must of been crazy to not give him a chance to get to know him. It was very hard because I come from a restricted family who didn't think that I shouldn't be talking to boy at the age of 17. We hid from people so that my parents wouldn't know but after hiding for so long I began to tell my friends and certain family members. Untill my sister found out what was going on and told my parents. They were made and wanted me to go to Europe and forget about Augie.I fought and didn't go. It took many, many hard work for my parents to welcome him and let us be. After 3 years of talking (not dating because I wasn't allowed to date even at the age of 20) Augie asked for my hand in marage. We've been married now for 12 years and to this day I tell people to follow their hearts and not to loose faith in love!!!

We have 3 beautiful kid from 11-3years old. Its very tuff I don't work so that I am home when the 2 oldest come home from school. I love it because i do things with them like homework or just talk about how their day went. With my little one she keeps me going all day.Even though we can't aford things like other kids have with 2 parents working but we manage and I'm always explaining that things will get better. I love my family and I could do without certain things.

Always follow your heart and dont be afraid to show your feelings because if you do you won't know how your future could of been. My husband is the best thing that walked into my life. I'm very gratefull for all he's done .Even though Augie is the only one working, we are trying to save money aside to go to Hawaii for our 15 or 20th annavarsery. That is Augie's dream to be able to spend a week in Hawaii all paid and feeling great about it. I know his dream will come true some day.....

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