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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Second Meeting
Dedicated to James Rogers

Submitted by Diane

I filed for divorce in July, 2002. I vowed never to let another man try to control me again. I was happily taking care of my twin daughters in September, when I was invited to Austin, TX to see a blues band. I got several girlfriends to go with me to see this band. We got out of the car to enter the club, and this redheaded man walked out of the door. It was James, my first boyfriend! I had not seen him since 1976!

We had dated when I was 15. I was so crazy about him, but my parents told me I could not date him because he was 17 and a guitar player. I remember I had been so devastated when they said that! He and I had an argument about it and I never saw him again. Now, here we were in Austin, 26 years later. We talked for a while before I realized he was the lead guitar of the band we had come to see!

He too was separated and had been through hell. He lost his job. His 21 year-old step-son had committed suicide, and he had found the boy. His wife then left him and taken his 3 three-old daughter with her. He had been totally lost without them and had begun writing music and playing in the band again.

He asked me to dinner that night, and I refused. After all, I wasn't divorced yet. The next day, I returned to Waco. He had called the house to make sure I made it home okay. He then called later that day, asking me to dinner again. I called my attorney and he said I could go to dinner. So I met him at 6 the next weekend. We sat and talked for 4 hours and neither one of us wanted to leave.

That was the beginning of it all. I fell in love with him and his music, and we are to be married on October 30, 2004. He is the love of my life. Never have I felt such a connection! We are best friends and helped each other through some very difficult tiems. Neither one of us has much money but that doesn't matter because we have finally found each other! I would love to have a honeymoon in Hawaii! The only way this will happen is if we get lucky and win!

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