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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

For One Who Gives So Much to others
Dedicated to My Wife, Sue

Submitted by Rick

This March my wife, Sue, and I will have been married for twenty-five years. As young college students studying to be teachers, we knew that we had chosen a profession where financial challenges were common and rewards were often very subtle. I jokingly promised my young wife that I would "shower her in zirconiums" if she would be my wife.

Since that time, my wife and I have two beautiful daughters in college and have touched the lives of thousands of our community's students. Sue has been the rock of our family and a leader within our educational community. She has worked for many years at summer camps from West Virginia to Maine and has consistently been an advocate for children. When an elderly neighbor lost her husband and suffered from medical problems, Sue volunteered each day during her summer vacation to care for her in her home. In 2002, Sue was a teacher of the year in our district and has been a mentor to many new teacher candidates, all having been achieved after suffering with Lyme's Disease.

After many months of daily intravenous antibiotic treatments, Sue has recovered from the primary effects of the disease, but suffers from discomfort, phantom skin sensations, and occasional muscle tenderness from normal day to day tasks. All this being said, she continues to be supportive of the many activities of our immediate family and family of staff and students at her school.

This past summer, I worked with a teacher from Hawaii and she described the wonder and beauty of the islands. The uniquely enriched, cultural perspective that her students experience is unlike any other in the world and the seemingly endless natural beauty of the islands creates an authentic connection to the world around them. I have tried to share these stories with Sue and we've looked at trips to Hawaii; however, I'm afraid, as an educator myself, I am still a "zirconium" income earner and Hawaii will remain a Pacific Paradise just out of reach.

In our twenty-fifth year, I love my wife as I did in our first and I would like to enter this contest to bring Sue to Hawaii. Good things should happen for good people, especially when that person has unselfishly done so much for so many.

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