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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The legendary Hawaii
Dedicated to My late grandmother Ruth

Submitted by Susan

I was no more than five years old when Grandma Ruth placed her wrinkly, bony hand before me. Blue veins popped up like mountain ranges on a map. I watched her hand shake from side to side as she said "In Hawaii, I placed my hand in the water and it was blue. Blue!" A child-like smile spread over her face. As she began to laugh, she removed her glasses and wiped the tears from her sunken eyes. I could tell by the giddy look on her face, that she was there, experiencing it all over again.

"Who are you?" She turned to me and asked.

"I'm Susan. Your grandaughter." I replied, as I had done countless other times.

"Well, Susan." She sighed dreamily. "If you go anywhere, go to Hawaii. The ocean is so clear, so warm, so turquoise. It's full of bright yellow, blue, and red fish, coral! starfish! I didn't want to go back ashore!"

I wondered what she meant. Perhaps she didn't want to come back home to a place of ten below or perhaps she wanted to go to heaven, somewhere she could always swim. In the truest sense my grandmother was a pisces. And while I knew my grandmother had not gone swimming, as she had never learned, in her mind she was a fish in the ocean: gliding, swimming, diving with finesse and ease. For a time, her body would be free of arthritis, Alzheimers, lonliness, for she had become a part of the ocean, ridden of those things. Ten years before, Grandma Ruth had travelled to the island with a group of elderly women. Two weeks later she returned with a gleam in her eyes, none like I had seen before. Over the years, she had forgotten all other memories, albeit good or bad, but one place or time she would never forget, she would never forget her beautiful Hawaii.

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