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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to The Love of My Life

Submitted by Anonymous

While on our visit to the Islands of love, we rediscovered our passion, found a new serenade for our emotions in Hawaii. A new review of our yesterdays began our new vision of our devotion for each other today and 'Forever'. Since we decided to take this trip to Hawaii, it brought forth a better form to revise our love to its best authenticity. Our affections for each other was like the exceptional beauty of the splendid susets of the Hawaiian Islands; most definitely, making this the finest memorable time in our lives other than our marrage.

The weather here gave a new warmth to our thoughts of each other. The days activities took our worries away from time and age. The evenings were the comforting of dance, walks relaxsation and romance relieve our before weary hearts. We found an absolute cure for the years we had weathered to stay together. Ah- Hawaii, a breath taking experience, a touch of vigor the energy of life we needed for the rest of our time here on Earth.

The places of extraordinary beauty - the people of happiness only put the extravagance of our worth of being together through the years. Being here in Hawaii, a revision letting us be more aware that we made the most important decision in our life; undoubtedly, we chose each other to be with. There was never a boring time on the islands of exotic paradise. The islands have there own creative expression beyond the paint brush of human hand, evolution had its own meraculous design. Such a dynamic hideaway retreat that once here it mystically brings romance and joy to the heart. You can't elude building the newness lovers need for the reasurance of their lives with each other. Hawaii, a new discovery of its magic is unsurpassed to our lives since we've visited its spectaculor splendor.

A unique adventure to journey the islands of enchantment for our minds to connect to our love for the first time each time. Hawaii is a definite extreme love connection for the beginning newly weds; of course, for those who have devoted their lives to be with each other through the years. It's atmosphere refreshes the desires of the way life being in love should really be. A most brilliant metaphor for loves idealistic behavior. The curiousness of a more vivid desire pulls lovers together without their aptness of its magnitism.

Hawaii is: a fabulous irrefutable bodily entrance to the luxury lovers need to help them express their heightened emotions for each other. It encourages them to explain the way they deeply care for each other feelings. It's like an prose poem speaking of the exotic easiness, yet, there isn't any words to hear. On a blanket embraced in each others arms or for a stroll together along the beach you can here Hawaii calling to you in the silence of tthe night. Like an luxuriously imagined paradise suddenly appearing on the surface of the Pacific Ocean. A satisfying gradification adding an new dialouge to its mysterious affects indulging love. For my darling and I, Hawaii will be a living memior in our minds. Aloha!

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