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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Piece of Paradise
Dedicated to My wife, Karen

Submitted by Steven

I love my wife.

Throughout our nearly 21 years of marriage we have shared everything: the crushing pain of losing family members; the anxiety of major surgeries; the anticipation, exhilaration and expectation of parenthood… and the devastation of finding out that we could not have children.

But thankfully, there have been many more happy times than sad: traveling together, laughing together, growing together, crying together, bringing out the best in each other, and eventually having TRIPLETS together… Yes, God answers prayers!

The one thing that we have not shared together is a trip to our "Dream Destination"… Hawaii. We had plans to vacation in Hawaii several years ago, before our triplets were born, but the couple we were going to travel with messed-up our reservations… so we didn't go.

My parents have been to Hawaii several times. My wife's parents have been several times as well (so have all of our brothers and sisters), but Karen and I haven't.

When our friends all talk about THEIR vacations to Hawaii… the helicopter rides over Wiamea Canyon… watching the sunrise over Haleakala … the Seven Pools on the road to Hana… playing golf at Princeville… Karen and I sit quietly and take it all in. But let's face it, spending time in paradise isn't something that you can experience vicariously.

Some day, hopefully soon, I WILL experience the majesty and splendor of Hawaii… one of the most beautiful places on earth… with the woman I love and adore. And then, when our friends talk about their vacations to paradise, we will be sitting quietly and SMILING because we will have shared an experience together that they just wouldn't and/or couldn't understand.

I love my wife… and she deserves her piece of paradise.

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