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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our life of love
Dedicated to Married couples everywhere

Submitted by Gary

For our twentieth anniversary we renewed our wedding vows on the beach at Poipu in Kauai, Hawaii. It was the most beautiful setting for a most beautiful of events. The twenty years went by so fast as we took care of our daily commitments, but slowed to a crawl as we walked the shell strewn beaches and waded together in the warm, tranquil waters. Paradise is a fitting place for the rejoining of two hearts brought together by love, sealed with a commitment to each other and solidified by the words in a Hawaiian wedding ceremony. The tradition of proclaiming our love to each other will continue daily till we die, but is best remembered huddled on a warm beach, watching the sun set over the ocean waves. We are blessed with but one life, one chance to find happiness and love. We are fortunate to have found both. Enjoying them in paradise is just a bonus.

Gary and Richele Gardner

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