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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Vacation Getaway
Dedicated to Letisha

Submitted by Gerald

My wife and I did not have the money during the first decade of marriage to really enjoy vacations in places that were remote, exotic, romantic. We visited relatives throughout the United States most of the time.

Well, now we had better jobs and were able to save money. We took a short cruise to the Caribbean with friends. I was totally hooked on Cruises. The food was fantastic, the ports were fun, my wife loved shopping in Mexico. We also did some beginner snorkling. The wife did okay with that but, at first she totally freaked out, and a guide had to help me to bring her back to shore. One other part of the vacation was spending time alone. My wife loved the dancing and romance on board the ship. I definitely wanted to cruise again.

What I really wanted to do was see Hawaii. I was in the Navy for 6 years, long ago, but I was an east coast sailor. I saw Europe, and the Caribbean Sea. I saw a bit of South America and Africa, but I had never been west. I had only been to California for one weekend, and that was the only time I saw the Pacific Ocean. The wife had never been to Hawaii, and had travelled even less than I had.

Well, I loved the cruise, and we wanted to see Hawaii. Because this would be our first visit, but not our last, we would go on a cruise that would take us to all the major islands. Next time, we could visit one place and stay in a hotel.

Well, it was wonderful. We went by ourselves on an 11-day cruise. We started by flying to Honolulu, and boarding the ship there. We saw the islands, and crammed much activity into the next few days. We were exhausted, but loving it. It was wonderful to be with the person you love, viewing the beautiful islands.

The ship left Hawaii to cross the Pacific Ocean for Vancouver, Canada. Now we got to enjoy the sea life, the food, the dancing, and the romance. What a great trip.

It's only been less than 1 year, and the wife wants to go back. We never really got to enjoy Honolulu, and Oahu, because we flew in and left that island with all our luggage on a bus. We are ready to return to the beaches, the shopping, the views, the romance, the fun.

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