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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

How lucky are the ones
Dedicated to To The Ones Who Find Love

Submitted by Catalina

How lucky are the ones who find love, if only in Hawaii, how lucky are you who find their true love.
Someone, to love forever, oh how that feeling must be.
Someone, that your sure and positive you'll stay with the rest of your life, if only I'd find my true love in Hawaii.
There I would stay to rest and to love my true love forever.
I would go to Hawaii, if he was there to love me, to nurture me to have and to hold.
I would love to be in Hawaii where the ocean breeze is a warm as his whisper in my ear.
There in Hawaii, where the warm sun can hold you and comfort you and caress you, much like his warm arms around you.
Oh how lucky you are to have love.
Oh how I wish, I could find my true love, while I'm in Hawaii. I would be so very happy.

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