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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

To my love
Dedicated to Jerry

Submitted by Jennifer

My dearest,

My love for you mirrors the depth of the Hawaiian experience. From the peace and tranquility of a undiscovered waterfall, to the raging fire and glory of a fresh lava floe. The mystery of an ancient civilization, the simple beauty of a single orchid. I can no more put a label on my feelings for you than I can describe the character of this magical place. Like the islands, our love is constantly growing, changing. Influenced by external events, but with the foundation of respect and peace, we too will grow , looking forward to a vibrant future, while acknowledging the past that brought us here.

So come join me and let's experience the lush forests, sublime beaches and rugged beauty of nature as we refresh our souls and renew our love. We are Hawaii.

Yours forever

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