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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaii Calls
Dedicated to My parents John and Trudie Conkling

Submitted by Trudi

My father was stationed in Pearl Harbor when I was born on the mainland. I was named after my mother, but my father heard the song Sweet Leilani and so Leilani became my second name. When I was three months of age Mom and I traveled to Honolulu on the ship to be with my Dad. We were only on the island for fifteen months but My parents were so enchanted that it lasted a lifetime.They never got Hawaii out of their blood and often talked of going back perhaps after the kids were grown. We had a lot of Hawaiiana around the house. Mom even had a Luau for me on my tenth birthday. Whenever they talked about Hawaii or watched Hawaii five-o, They would get this far away look in their eyes and you just knew that they were going to get mushy. Every birthday and anniversary Dad would order Antherium for Mom. All of us kids grew up and had families of our own. Mom got really ill and medical bills added up making it impossible to make the trip. They both died at an early age without ever making it back to their beloved Hawaii.

Last summer my husband, Roger and I were given the chance to visit Hawaii. We experienced the Aloha and enchantment of the islands that my parents had told me about. We were like a couple of kids in love. We held hands watching the sunsets on the beach. Our trip was way too short. On our last day we went to the top of the Aloha Tower that the folks had often talked about, so I had to go. When we were up at the top, Roger held me as I cried because we were leaving. I also thought about how Mom and Dad so wanted to return and couldn't. But in a way I think they were there at the Aloha Tower holding hands in "Their Hawaii"

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