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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

True love never fails.
Dedicated to Everette wilson

Submitted by Carey

My first marriage had failed and I thought all men were pigs. My first husband broke my heart and I didn't want to risk it again. Now I was living in my folks basement and suffering an illness that scared me. I was having siezures and I needed someone to talk to. I used a chat program on my computer to talk to people when I was lonely. One day durning the weekend I was popping in and out of chatrooms. I found a guy named Logan(aka Everette) and heard his Texas accent and fell head over heals with him. I started talking to him and messaged with this message " I want to be his baby " He messaged me back "Ok you can be my be my baby". Then I messaged back " you don't under stand I mean your one and only baby" The he messaged back " OK then you will be my one and only baby". At that time I didn't know he was a player who dates many woman. I guess part of me thought it would remain online only any how. We spoke for months online and meeting him seemed like a dream that was better left a dream. As lovely as the dream was to get married and share a life with him, It seemed too story book like to be true. There was rumors that I was not his one and only baby and that broke my heart. If I only wanted this online and a dream then why did rumors break my heart so much?I started thinking now that I was on medication for the seizures why not visit Texas? He had supported me through my fears,test and doctor appointments. I felt he was the one man in my life that would and could make me happy. I then decided to buy train tickets and travel to texas to be with Everette. I showed him the tickets on webcam and he looked happy. Traveled 3 days by train and called him every chance I got. I would sit on the train wondering how we'd ever afford a trip to Hawaii for a honeymoon. Even for a second honeymoon because it was the place that seemed the most romantic. We both would send back and forth websites showing photos of Hawaii, the shows and the romantic spots to sneak off with a romantic dinner for two. When the train finally pulled into Beaumont Texas I was scared. I stepped off the train and into his arms. We kissed and hugged for what seems like forever. We been married almost 3 years and still have not been to Hawaii. We still visit Hawaii websites dreaming of the most romantic place on earth but still cant aford it. We once decorated the apartment like Hawaii and its the closest we have gotten so far. Love got a second chance and I don't regret taking a risk. we love each other soo much. Everyday we feel that being togather is like a honeymoon that never ends.

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