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Love Stories of Hawaii


Marital Bliss At The Princeville
Dedicated to My Wife, Shan

Submitted by James

In August of 1994 we consumated all the planning for a Kauai wedding at the Princeville Hotel. It was a perfect afternoon overlooking Hanalei Bay, and the exchange of our vows couldn't have taken place in a more beautiful spot on earth. Even though it was a second chance at love for both of us consumated by a wedding in Hawaii, I remember us both trying to choke back the tears as our wedding proceeded. We enjoyed a toast on the balcony after the service as well as the traditional feeding of wedding cake. The photographer was even impressed by our vows and told us after observing so many services he could predict those marriages that would last, and ours was definitely of that variety. As he took the first photo he was very excited because much to our surprise a rainbow had appeared directly behind us.

We now prepare to return to the Garden Isle for our 10th anniversary, and we are just as excited as when our honeymoon first began there and even more in love if that is possible.

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