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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Love will be enough
Dedicated to Ray

Submitted by Michelle

This story is of love. The kind of love that moves you to your core. The love that I found in meeting a man who taught me about "Live Aloha". I'm the Hawaiian and in being so I have discovered that Hawaiian's love deep and they love true. My Ray. My love is not, however he is Hawaiian in is heart. Ray is my soul. My breath. We are not together but he is is in me. I feel him in everthing I do and see. That is the beauty of my love for him. Ray and I meet over a year ago. My circumstances at the time made me unavailable but our connection was so strong I couldn't help but fall in love. We became invovled. It was the most beautiful thing I have experienced in my life. Besides my two beautiful sons he is the most beatiful thing I have ever seen. I however ruined our relationship. Ruined it by fear. I was to afraid to share my feelings. To stupid to know what was real and what was false. I lost my chance with him because the stubborn Hawaiian in me couldn't see the beauty in the moment. When one loves they should let it be known. I lost my chance with Ray. He was my one love. I'm 35 years old and will grow old alone beacause I was to ignorant to see what I had. My dream is to live in my homeland. To walk the beaches of Hawaii. Whatch my children play in the sand. And to dream of my Ray as I watch the ocean and it's waves wash on the shores. Never be like me. Never love someone and allow your fear to hold you back. Live Aloha.

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