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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Your future is full of promise
Dedicated to All who have lost at love

Submitted by Catalina

Do you want love? Are you searching for love? Have you tried it once, twice, three times, over and over again without any luck? Guess what, you must try again and never give up your search. Never give up your desires and forget the past. Forget all the sorrows, the suffering the misfortune you had before because your day is coming and the future brings you hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow and the best love your ever going to have in your lifetime still awaits you. Do not give up! Never give up! Even if the past has been full of sorrow, your future is full of promise. You must believe and you must know true love awaits you. Think about what kind of love you'd like to have with someone, you will get it plus more than you'll expect to receive. Forget the past, put the past where it belongs, in the past and open up your heart and fill it with love,laughter and joy. The first step is to forget the bad things that happened to you, you must bury them. Then, open up a new page and begin a new chapter in your life that is filled with happines and joy. Start a new life and count your blessings along the way, you have suffered enough. Now it is your turn to be happy. We are not put on this earth to suffer, that is not the plan, if you have suffered hurt and pain in the past, then your day is coming sooner than you can imagine. Take another chance on love and remember your future is full of promise and practice does makes perfection. And to help make your new life perfect why not take a trip to the Hawaiian Islands where beauty and perfection awaits all of us that dare to take that journey. Take a journey of two kinds; one is a journey to improve the quality of our inner life and the next is a journey to improve the quality of life we live daily. We can do that by surrounding ourselves with peace, love and beauty that is found and there for everyone that goes to Hawaii. Remember your future is full of promise, it is time for you to step into your future.

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