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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Dreams of a Teenager
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Anonymous

In a very small coal mining town in the Colorado mountains, our contact with Hawaii, was through the movies of the 1930's. All those palm trees were a dream, just imagine, coconuts, hula skirts, warm waters to swim in. Hawaii was really just a dream to a 12 year old who listened to the song "Blue Hawaii". Volcanoes were out of this world to me. The old radio program played all the hit songs, on one called "Hit Parade" put "Blue Hawaii", and "My Little Grass Shack",and many more on my mind and kept my dream alive. Still later an old record called Hawaiian Paradise, with Momi Lei, Go around the Island, and more and the word Aloha just intensified the dream of someday going to Hawaii. My first husband was a musician and so I heard a lot of these songs over and over with no hope of ever affording a vacation in Hawaii. He passed away in 1974 and in 1978 I remarried, and my hopes came alive again. Now it looks like maybe this husband and I can afford to come before we get to old to enjoy a Hawaiian vacation. We are trying to decide whether we need to save for long term care etc or blow it on a week on the Big Island. We both have enjoyed Fire and Ice geology books and have read a lot about Volcanoes, especially since we have Mt. St. Helens here in Washington State. Tomorrow, August 9th, I will be 81 years old. though some don't believe I am as I am active and busy. Writing this is still a dream, but it is keeping Hawaii alive in my dreams of going with my husband before it is too late. I'm just a frustrated romantic. Aloha!

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