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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Prince Charmings really do exist!
Dedicated to My husband, Michael Moll

Submitted by Dixie

When I met my husband Michael, I was a single mother of 5. I didn't really date, as I had no time with being a fulltime working mom and attending all my children's functions. Mike just dropped into our lives, our crazy hectic schedule and before we knew it, he was part of our family. All five children were in the wedding and though we anticipated a time of adjustment, amazingly enough, it never came.

Mike is a wonderful husband, father and all around prince of a guy. He fell in love with not only me, ut my children as well and all of us with him. Now that is a miracle.

The year that we married, Mike had finally saved enough money for his lifetime dream, a Harley. However, he never thought twice about putting that dream aside for a down payment on a home for his new family. He is an incredible man that gives from the heart of all he has. When the kids need help with homework, he is the first to quit doing his paper work and help them. He works hard so that the children have a mother that can stay home and add that component to their lives.

We have been married for 7 years and with each passing year I realize that a lifetime will be far to short and pass far to quickly for the wonderful life we share together. 4 1/2 years ago we added a set of our own beautiful twin daughters to the bunch. Mike's life has changed greatly, from bachelorhood to a family of 9!!!! He has never complained of the cost, the stress, the crazy schedules. He loves us all and we him. He IS my Prince Charming.

I would love to share Hawaii with him for many reasons, but the two most important are my sister and her family live there and we have never been able to afford to go see her for them to meet. But the most important to me is to share the place that is so dear to my heart. As a little girl I lived in Aiea. My father designed the reef runway in Honolulu. My father passed away before Mike came into my life and this would be my way of showing Mike something of my father, the man Mike reminds me so much of. I have many fond memories of my Dad and Hawaii, from pineapple picking, to watching Lawerence Welk at a concert in Waikiki. From Patti's Chinese Kitchen to shave ice on the beach. From Luau's to Pearl Harbor. To be in Hawaii with Mike and sharing my memories of my dad and my childhood, having my sister meet him, that would be a dream to me. As a young girl I remember dreaming of growing up and what life would be like. I dreamed of a prince charming and I got far more than I ever dared to dream. My husband has enriched my life SO much and has given and sacrificed so much for me and our family. I would love to give him this gift. I can't imagine anyone as deserving as him. Thank you for reading this. It was wonderful just being able to put into words what a great man I'm married to and remembering once again, the father who enriched my life with so much and left me at such a young age. Love is wonderful, no matter how long or short you have it to share with those special people in your life. I have been most fortunate.

Gratefully yours, Dixie Belle Moll

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