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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A True Timeless Love
Dedicated to Donnie Gean

Submitted by Anonymous

I never knew love could actually be unconditional until I met my husband, Donnie. After losing my parents at 11, many years of emotional and physical neglect, I really thought I would never find happiness and true unconditional love. That was until 1982 when I met the most kind, caring, generous and special man I have ever known. We married that same year and have been married for 22 years. I can't say we haven't had hard times, because we have. We lost a baby, and have had it hard financially trying to raise two children, with no college education. He has been a devoted police officer and I a secretary. However, the biggest test of our love and devotion has come about since our daughter's diagnosis of epilepsy. See, epilepsy does not effect just the person who has the seizures, it affects the whole family. We had to watch our 16 year old daughter lose almost all her independence and most of her self-esteem. Mounting medical and hospital bills did not help either and our marriage became something we began to neglect. Then a true miraculous thing happened when the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted my daughter's wish to go to Hawaii. My husband and I had hoped to go to Hawaii to renew our vows when we reached 20 years but because of medical bills could not afford to. So not only did coming to Hawaii bring my daughter such joy and happiness but it gave my husband and I a chance to renew our vows to one another and make the commitment to always keep our marriage a top priority so that we would always be there to take care of our precious daughter and our son, who we prayed daily would not also develop epilepsy. Hawaii holds the most special place in our hearts as well as our daughter's as it allowed us to step back and realize that no matter what problems exist there is a big beautiful world out there and you just have to keep on keeping on!!! We plan to come back to Hawaii when our children are grown as it truly is paradise on earth!

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