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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Friendship & Marriage
Dedicated to Barbara Klingensmith

Submitted by Anonymous

Cancer had taken Arlene. We were married for 33 years. I loved her very much but had to move on with my life. A long time friend, Barbara Farkas had recently divorced and was making a special trip to Hawaii with 2 girl friends. Then on to Guam to see a new born grandson before returning to Honolulu. She asked me come over and see the islands, it would be good therapy for me.

I arrived at Honolulu Airport exhausted from the length of the trip; a six-hour delay in St Louis almost cancelled the whole thing. The minute I enter the open-air walkway I know she had been right; this place like no other would be good for me. We visited all of the must see places and some that Barb had learned about while living in Honolulu. I knew then that I had found peace and could move on with my life. We returned to Florida and were married. The wedding was outside in a park.

We return to Hawaii every opportunity and I plan that we will live there in the future. Imagine me at my age thinking about things in the future. This is the magic of the Hawaiian Islands and the people who live there. Like no place else in the world.

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