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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

If 1st you don't succeed try again!
Dedicated to Mike and Laurie

Submitted by Anonymous

As we all know young lovers often face the green-eyed monster. It must be a homo-sapien trait that is surely developed with the hormones estrogen and testosterone. More times than not, high school sweet-hearts are destroyed through the destructive outcomes of jealousy. My father and stepmother are just one example of high school sweethearts destined for love, but delayed by jealousy. It may sound strange, but yes I meant to say my father and stepmother. This is how the story goes….

My father, Mike and my stepmother, Laurie grew up just a few miles from each other, attending the same school, and hanging out with the same friends in Plymouth, MI. They were inseparable; whether they were vacationing with his or her parents or playing cards in their living rooms, they did it together. Unfortunately Laurie became green-eyed with jealousy. In result, my longhaired rock n' roll loving father broke up with her to venture out and play the field. Laurie was crushed that the two of them had gone their separate ways.

After some time of morning, still young and underage, Laurie began dating her alcohol buyer. I guess all attempts at "hey dude'n it," don't always fail! Soon after high school graduation, my dad got word that the two of them were in engaged to be married. He must have been beside himself, because the night before the wedding he arrived at her bachelorette party proclaiming his love for her and begging her not to wed this man.

As you all know, she married this man. They had three children together. My dad went on and began college in Florida, dating girls and hanging out with his friends. He had a series of relationships before moving back to Michigan to find a job. Soon after moving back to Michigan he met my mom. She was visiting from England, and they were smitten with each other. They were married just months after they met. Then I was born and soon after came my sister. Seven years after they were married, they were divorced. My dad received custody of my sister and I and it was the three of us for about a year.

Then one summer, my dad's brother was attending one of my cousin's baseball games where he spotted Laurie. Come to find out, she had a son about my age playing baseball at the same fields as my cousin. My uncle relayed the great news to my dad and the next week he and I went to the fields. My step mom claims that she hadn't even seen my father yet when she immediately new who I was, given the resemblance of he and I. They re-met that day and were married one year later. They honeymooned in Hawaii and for the last fifteen years we have been one big happy family.

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