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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Divine Fate
Dedicated to Jerry

Submitted by Michele

It was a second thought, a short stop on my way home from visiting my Son, daughter-in-law and grandson. My son is in the air force stationed in Japan, my visit to them was purpose of my trip, especially since I saw my grandson only three times before this. I visited Hawaii five years ago and was convinced then that this is the place I should live. I live in NY state making visiting Hawaii almost out of reach and relocating next to impossible. I had just three days to spend in Hawaii but knew that it would be a wonderful buffer from saying good bye to my family to going back to everyday life in NY.

It was the evening of day three. I was making the most of every moment I had in Hawaii. I was enjoying karaoke in my hotel when a gentleman inquired if it was ok if he said next to me at the bar. Of course I said. This is where I have to say that I have been divorced for over 18 years and a man sitting next to me at a bar just doesn't phase me. His name is Jerry and he struck up a conversation, asking me to join him at a table closer to the karaoke singers. Little did I know that Jerry frequently sings at these karaoke nights and has the most beautiful voice. It was within a hour of our meeting that Jerry held my hand, looked into my eyes and asked "Do you believe in fate?". In the few hours that we had to spend together, he swept me off my feet.

And it was fate. There was an instant bond between us. Even after the short time together it was hard to leave him to return to my normal life. The story doesn't end here, Jerry and I talk at least every day, sometimes many times a day. From the moment I got home we talked constantly of a day that he would visit me and see what my life is like. That day is coming in September and we are counting the days. I also plan a return trip to Hawaii, this time seeing it through Jerry's native eyes and with the thought that this may really be my home. There is no doubt in our hearts, that we love each other. Our time visiting each other will tell if I am what Jerry needs after his divorce, and is this every thing that I could possibly wish for; a paradise home, a new start and the love of my life after all these years alone. I'm believe in us and there is no doubt in my mind our meeting was divine fate.

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