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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Believe it dreams do come true
Dedicated to Steven Ankney

Submitted by Jennifer

I am turning 22 this year and have just gotten out of a four year realationship.

Wow, feels like yesterday I was 19 years old and on top of the world. I had just started dating my best friend of 5 years and he was the love of my life. I thought nothing could go wrong and that we would be married by the age of 23 and on our way to having children. Then reality set in. After 4 years I finally realized that I was dreaming and that I was more in love with being in love then with this person.

We split up and I was determined to find true love and not settle for anything less. It had been 3 years (felt like eternity) before it happened for. For some this will never happen twice in a life time. I had worked for the same company for 7 years and knew several people. I was always running into and seeing this young man that for the life of me couldn't figure out for 2 years why I felt this attraction to him. More and more fait would bring us together for afterwork functions, meetings, and work related issues. I was a wreck how could I be falling for someone I don't even know . I couldn't stop talking about him . It was almost if I was obsessed. Again we were brought together by fait for the about 4 months we had become closer than I would have ever thought. We were now friends and would tell each other everything going on with one another. He told me of his newly purchased home and that he needed help in placing a ad for a roommate. I was so excited , but would not dear ask him if he would be interested in that roommate being me . I knew that I had feelings for him and that it would cause I problem. After a few weeks of him looking with no one of interest he was getting desperate as he could not afford to live there without some other source of income. It just happened that my lease had just came up at the end of that month and so he asked if I was interested. It would be closer to my job and less expensive then my small apartment. Because I could not bare to see him live with anyone else I jumped on the offer. Come to find out he had the same feelings for me that I was having for him and he was hoping this entire time it was be to be his rommate. He could not act on his feeling due to the working situation. After one month we were inseperable. We have been that way for 9 months now and talk of marriage on a Hawaii island and having our friends and family there. The feeling of love today does not compare to any feeling I have ever had in my life. They say you just know when it's the one. Well, I just knew.

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