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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My Soul Mate
Dedicated to Richard Loyd

Submitted by Jo.Ann

I first met Richard in the Summer of 1994. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I was in love. I never believed in love at first site until I met him. We dated for 2-3 months and cherished every second together, but life took us both in different paths. I lost my Mother to Lung Cancer later that year. I was dealing with that and still loving someone that I couldn't have.

I ended up marrying someone else in 1996 and divorced in 2001. Richard and I lived in the same town but not once, in 7 yrs. did we ever run into each other. We had a mutual friend we both chatted to online, and eventually he had us talking again! We started talking online and then on the phone as well. We would talk for hours on end! We've always had common interests and dreams. We just didn't realize how many!

On New Year's Eve 2002, Richard drove 2 hours, snowing like crazy, just to see me. We sat and talked for about 6 hours straight. We talked about everything from our past, in between and present. We both named our youngest sons Hunter. How ironic is that?!? We have two boys each (from previous marriages) and now have a fifth addition to the family. The first Grandaughter!

We have now been together 2 1/2 years and every morning that I look at him, I fall in love all over again! We have had many good times but our share of bad times as well. Through it all, we've been there for one another. We finish each other's sentences or say what the other is getting ready to say. Believe me, sometimes it is a little creepy(LOL). We don't have any extra "play" money to take vacations every year like we would like too, but we manage and find others ways to have fun with the kids. Between work and kids, we have very little time for "us time". We have both always dreamed about going to Hawaii but have never been able to go. We dream of sitting on the beach, holding on to each other and watching the sunset. Just looking into each other's eyes, without saying a word, knowing how much love we have for one another. Hopefully someday, we'll be able to celebrate our second chance at love....Hawaiian style!

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