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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Long Distace Love
Dedicated to MY 30 YEAR LOVE , PLUS 2 (dating)

Submitted by Michael

How can I start but to say that I am the luckies husband and father on this earth. If anyone on this earth do not believe in "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" That is alright with me, because I believe in it and have never faughter from my first love and only love of my life. Of course not to mention my children. But without her, I have no idea how my life would have ended up.

When I first met my wife, 1972, I had just joined the military and was on my way to first tour to Viet Nam, at the age of 18. But this is not a story about me, but its a story of the woman who loved me all these years

My wife Rozanne. was with me all this time when I was away, by sending small love notes to me on a daily bases. Just before my secord tour, I asked my wife to marry me. It was not a passion or desire that interest me to marry her, but her heart that I love and my selfish desire to keep her with me for the rest of my life and to never let her go. I wasn't too sure if she felt the same, being away for most of our dating period, but there must have been something she was willing to take the risk on. During my absence and during our engagement, she arranged our wedding, a task that was very difficult for her, while I was away,serving my tour in Viet Nam. But she did an excellent job.

After we were married and several years later of us going thru a difficult period of my adjustment and job hunting, I was finally able to secure a steady occupation and we quickly planned our first child, a beautiful girl, which my wife name after her best friend, Denyce. After learning how to become a father, and a husband and several years later with two miscarriages, we had our second child, Nicole. A beautiful little girl which quickly became Daddy's Little girl. She was quick tempered and just as honary as her father,,, I love it. And finally our son, Michael Jr. When he was born, I was there with my wife, and cried at my wife's side as the nurse handed me my son. A moment a father will never forget.

For our 20th Anniversary, we went to Hawaii, our first together. But I knew how much her parents wanted to go to the islands, so I invited them to join us. I even shared their expenses with the lodging with them. I knew what I was doing when I told my wife that her parents should join us. After all it was their 50th Anniversary year and they spent their first honey moon on the island during WW2. This was a decision, I knew would only make my own vision of a romantic anniversary be place to the waiste side, but I did not care, because it was my wife that will charish the memories of having her parents join us at the islands.

Almost 30yrs later, I am still in the military. This is my third war, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, and now Iraq. Believe me this was never in our plans to live our life together. But during all this, my wife, even though, with her personal reservations about my decision to remain in the military and now mobilized on active duty again, army reserve. has steadfully stood by me. On many nigths, I would here her crying on the phone, wishing that she could have her husband back, not only for her own reason, but for out children and now a grand daughter. Her words, "I want you to be home and be a grandfather to your only grand daughter. I want to grow old with you. And want you to be with our children on "Father's Day, Mother's Day, our birthday, our kids bithday". It goes on and on. But she understands why I am here, but secretly hates it for being away from her for what now seems to be a life time to her and for every special event that we can only remember and talk about on the phone. I do love her for this.

How could I not love my wife for this. She is wonderful. Not just for allowing me to share my life with her, but for being patient and understanding. And most importantly, being just as much in love with me as I am with her.

On our 25th Annaversary, our daughter married, I lost my job, due to the closure of the military bases in the late 90's. I knew that our 25th anniversay was going to be special, but it also required allot of resources for me to plan for both, the wedding and our anniversary. I cashed out on our nest egg, to make my daughter wedding the most memorial day in her life. And I was able to make a life dream for my wife to come true, GREECE. A decision that I will never regret.

Now we will soon to be on our 30th Anniversary, and after all these years, my love for my wife is as if I first saw her for the very first time. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Would I do it again, YES.

I could go on for more then the require 500 words, and maybe I did, who cares! But I had to tell someone about my love for my wife.

Michael A. Luna

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