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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to The love of my life, my husband Gen

Submitted by Pauline

I was rapidly approaching my 49th birthday. My life had been filled with many blessings as well as a few heartaches. Good health. Great friends. Loving parents. A successful career. And yet...I realized I had never known the true love that only exists between soulmates. That night I reflected on my two failed marriages, and for the first time felt regret that I had never had children and a "family of my own." I had so much to be grateful for, and yet....

In my prayers that night I thanked God for the many blessings He had given me throughout my life and I asked for one more blessing if it was in His plan for me. Please let me recognize my soul mate if he comes into my life. Don't let us pass in the night like ships at sea.

I'm a blonde and had always been attracted to dark headed men with mustaches. Everyone I had dated and/or married had the same "look."
So you can imagine my surprise when, two weeks later a close male friend told me he wanted me to meet "the finest man" he'd ever known....and this "fine man" turned out to be a clean shaven blue eyed blonde.

When first our eyes met I knew. I knew I would always be with this man. I recognized him.

It was our destiny to meet. Gene was a recent widower with five adult children. There were no children to raise, but there was a void in his life. He wanted a true partner in life. We recognized each other.

A year later we honeymooned in Maui and began our life together. I, who "don't know nothin about birthin' no babies", embraced his family and they have opened their arms to me. Although we now live in Atlanta and "the kids" live in Memphis we have the best of both worlds and are loving watching our 11 grandchildren grow like little weeds.

This September 17th will be our 10th anniversary and we'd love to return to Hawaii and watch the sunset from the lanai. We will smile, knowing it was our destiny to be together.

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