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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Inspiration
Dedicated to Tiffany Reimann

Submitted by George

"GOOD LUCK" was the usual sentiment when I offered details to anyone that my wife and I were planning to take our two daughters (ages 2 and 5) with us on our trip to Hawaii. Six plus hours on a plane with two restless children was a daunting task, but nothing was too insurmountable for our 10-year anniversary.

We had pre-planned the trip with the expectation of renewing our wedding vows with our daughters in attendance. After arriving on the BIG ISLAND, we booked a sunset cruise on the special day. Until then, we enjoyed the perfection that is 'HAWAII'.

On our big day, our daughters were as excited as we were. They practiced their duties as 'flower girls' and 'ring bearers', and even assisted us in making special matching 'leis' for the occasion.

Upon boarding the ship, we couldn't contain our excitement any more, informing all of our fellow shipmates that they would be witnesses to our special ceremony.

As the cruise left the harbor, we began to prepare for our special moment. We were allowed the hind end of the ship for our ceremony, and the Captain even offered us a brief rehearsal for the event.

When the Sun lowered in the sky, and first touched the horizon, the ceremony began. We recited our special vows (updated originals from 10-years ago), and our daughters proudly presented our leis and rings. The captain then presented us to the witnesses, and with the sound of their applause we again embraced with the understanding that our love would last for all eternity.

Suddenly, one of the witnesses onboard fell to his knees and proposed to his girlfriend (sans ring) on the spot. He then explained that by witnessing the love that our family had for each other provided him with the inspiration to offer the same promise for the love of his life.

With the sun setting, I could only be astounded by the Hawaiian spirit, LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and FAMILY. Again, PERFECTION !!


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