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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Together agianst all odds
Dedicated to Christopher Horrigan Husband

Submitted by Anonymous

A woman from South Africa left her home,family,job and friends to be with the man she loves.

They both could no longer handle the heart ache of being apart for months at a time longing to be together and alone.

So they decided to run off and get married since both parents were doing everything in there power to keep them apart.Her family wanted her to marry a rich Greek guy and his family saw her as materialistic girl.They saw there son as a diamond in the rough and she wouldn't be happy changeing so drastically to be with him.But They were wrong.

Against all odds.The distance,money,religion,everyone telling them they would never make it.They got married on the beach with no family and friends.A small ceremony but romantic never the less.Since that is all they could afford.

As they lay in bed on there wedding night they dreamed of the sea breeze in Hawaii and imagined honeymooneing there.They are still together today.

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