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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A moment away
Dedicated to Kelly Vining

Submitted by Kevin

It would be nice to walk the sandy beaches at every Hawaiian sunrise and sunset in with you; and some time away from the day to day would help us recharge our evereadies. Those surfer babes and boys on the waves would tease our senses and take our minds miles from all we face today. We might even learn a few new moves.
As the Pacific Ocean bubbled, we'd be feeling fine, taking our minds off the mundane realities of the modern babylon system lock-hold here in the norm and repeating downtrodden grind.

The volcanic movement churning out islands is a fascination of ours. Love has a lava so melting. It would be so amazing to walk on those volcanoes as they are growing so new; The islands of Hawaii would be such a nice time. We would never want to leave the Hawaiian paradise; soaking in the pacific vibe with hula dancers and suntan lotion.
Special time with you...

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