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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

I am married to my Hero
Dedicated to My Hero and husband Rody

Submitted by Christi

My name is Christi Walter, and I am married to my Hero.

His name is Rody Walter, and he is my hero not because of his profession, even though as a firefighter / paramedic, a Captain with the City of Wooster Fire Department, he would be called a hero by many; but because of the man, friend, husband, and father he is.

On our first date, nearly 18 years ago when he was only 15 years old, I saw glimpses of the amazing man he would become. He has always shown me respect and honor, even when dating, and more so in our nearly 12 years of married life.

Our dates ranged from him reading Shakespeare to me by candlelight by a lake to Rocky and Bullwinkle film festivals to 200 mile bike rides on our tandem. We dated for 6 years, long enough for me to not only love him passionately, but to admire him and to feel lucky just for having known him. We each moved out of our parents' homes to live on our own, went to college, and began our careers, 100 miles apart. The long distance only strengthened our love and commitment to each other. We each had the time to realize who we were as individuals so we were able to come together in marriage to be who WE are as a family.

We married in 1992, and began our married life in Wooster. We bought our home and added to our family with Kalten in 1995 and Emily in 1998. Through his generosity and hard work, and because of our commitment to our family, I have worked at home since my children were born. He is an amazing father, who loves to read bed-time stories, snuggle on the couch, command a family camping trip, and cook the world's best pancakes. Even with his busy schedule as fireman and father, he always is my husband, who even surprised me with a romantic trip to Hawaii this spring.

But our love story is more than just a romantic "heart" story. Ours is also a cardiac story. My husband, a fireman and avid rock climber/mountain biker/kayaker, has a heart condition. He has arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia. We have been through numerous cardiac procedures and are on defibrillator #3. I say we have been through this, because I have been blessed to be right by his side through it all, and I have seen such courage, strength, and faith in his journey. Even though it has been scary at times, God and our love have gotten us through it all. He has never let this disease stop him from doing anything, and he has used his experience to counsel others through similar procedures.

As I said before, I am married to my Hero. And his name is Rody.

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