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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Living in Paradise
Dedicated to The people of Hawaii

Submitted by Friede

Hawaii, what a beautiful name! As a little girl I have always dreamed to visit Hawaii just once in my lifetime. This is how I picture Hawaii:

It seems like paradise to me. Where the beautiful ocean and the blue sky will meet for iternity. The sun as bright and warm as you can only imagine. I am dreaming of standing at the edge of the beach with the white sand under my feet. The waves gently caressing my toes, looking over the cristal clear water with the sea gulls flying high and low. A gentle breeze gives relief from the heat of the day. Behind me the beauty of the surrounding land, setting me free like a bird. The nights lit by the stars and the moon above, listening to the whisper of the palm trees and taking in the sweet seducing fragrance of the flowers. The peace and quiet of the land so free and unique no other can compete. Standing on top of the nearest mountain looking down on the setting of harmony of God's creation. No boundaries to hold back the true feeling of peace all around me and admiring humbly God's beauty and power. That's what Hawaii is for me.

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