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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Freedom's Never Free
Dedicated to America's Military

Submitted by Wyveta

I have no memory of the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor, but I can recall that our radio was frequently tuned to news about people fighting. When we went to movies to see Roy Rogers or Gene Audrey, we first watched a lengthy news broadcast about the war.

My first related memory is when I was two. Daddy was dressing, while Mother cried. I remember it because I'd never seen Mother cry before. Daddy was going to enlist. America was at war and for him, "it was the right thing to do." After Japan destroyed or damaged 21 of our ships and most of our airplanes, President Roosevelt blared over sound waves that "America needs you!" Daddy was answering his call.

The military rejected Daddy because of a prior back injury. So he served at home, along with Mother, working in factories building America's armaments to support our troops.

WWII was brutal. Over 17 million service people, two million civilians, and six million Jews were killed. A heavy toll, but nothing like it would have been had Hitler and his supporters succeeded. All these people died because Hitler wanted to control the world.

In college, I viewed a film captured by our military of two Japanese pilots discussing that California was their next target for attack. Think of the consequences had they succeeded.

Later I visited Hawaii. At Pearl Harbor I stood tearing, thinking of the people my age who never knew their dads. They don't share precious family memories like I have, because their fathers willingly served so American could remain free. I love these unknown American's for helping ensure the freedom that America enjoys today.

9-1-1 America was again attacked. This enemy targeted civilians. More people were slaughtered in the World Trade Center than at Pearl Harbor.

Again, American is at war. Freedom's never free, but thankfully, we possess fighting power that doesn't require such a heavy loss of lives. Still, six hundred deaths in 2003-04 is too many. It shouldn't be. Especially since today's war is still about control and domination.

I am proud to be an American, because we fight for freedom but not to take another's soil as our own.

Recently, we toured Dauachau Concentration Camp in Germany, where hundreds were incinerated during WWII. What attracts is the sign over the main building reading "Never Again" in four languages. How I wish it could be.

Never again killing each other. Never again having anyone desiring such dominant control. Until that day, may we never again allow such devastation on America's soil. May we never again be so painfully vulnerable. May we never again experience another Pearl Harbor or World Trade Center attack. Let us pray that our enemies decide that their desire to control us is not worth their cost. Because today's children need a Daddy (and Mommy) while growing up. . . and to be free to create cherished memories together.

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