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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaiian Love
Dedicated to the people of Hawaii

Submitted by Barb

I was three months pregnant when we arrived in Honolulu. Yes I was a new married. After waiting 5 months for my police officer husband to get a vacation, here we are. On our honeymoon and still in love. We visited all the normal tourist sights, swam Waikiki, sang with Don Ho, ate pineapple and spent the day at the Polynesiaum Cultural Center. We flew 10 minutes over to Kauai where we renewed our marriage vows at the Fern Grotto and then it was time to leave. Nothing was harder to do than to leave our beautiful Hawaii. Love does not have to be between two people--------Love can exist between a person and a place and I Loved Hawaii. The wonderful kind people; the amazing sights; the pleasant weather; and the easy attitudes made it most hard to fly home. My blue Hawaii------I will be back. Lovers will be reunited.

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