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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

When you least expect it
Dedicated to To My Classmate

Submitted by Anonymous

I was attending a 3 day seminar. I set in a front row, I could sense someone starring at me from the 4th row. In the beginning of the class, all of us introduced ourselves in the class. The gawking stranger was from London, UK.

It was a seminar where they provided breakfast and lunches. At the lunch, he sat next to me. I found him to be annoying with his comments, but I politely ignored him.

At the end, of the seminar, he asked me to give him a ride to the place where he was staying with his family. I felt, sympathetic for him, being he was a foreigner. I gave him a ride. I still found him annoying with his comments and told him, I felt sorry for his wife. He said he was divorced, I thought to myself-- I can see why!!

He suggested, next day we study to gether, and I agreed. We spent about 6hrs. together and had lunch with his sister and brother-in-law. Who tried to set us up. We went out together and ever since, then we were inseperable.... We spent every free moment with each other... and then, he left...

I thought, we would go our separate ways since, we are oceans apart--- I said goodbyes. Little did I know, how much I missed him, how much i had grown to like him, and found myself attached to him. After he left, I realized the intense emotions I felt. I missed him every day and every waking hour.

We were apart for 3mos. we kept in touch, he decided to come back and visit for 4mos. and invited me to visit him in UK....

It happens, when you least expect it...We would love to share more magic moments in Hawaii, and see where it takes us... Happily ever after -- walking off into the sunset.

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