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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hawaiian Dream
Dedicated to Neil Lauer

Submitted by Nancy

From the moment that Neil and I eloped way back in 1968, marrying him and loving him forever was more important than any diamond ring placed upon my finger. A simple golden wedding band would formalize the vows we took in a little monastery church on a hill in Cumberland, Maryland. Since we had no money or gifts from a formal wedding to launch us on our life together, we literally started out with nothing but our love for each other and our dreams for a future together not tainted by material pleasures. By our first wedding anniversary, we were the proud parents of twin girls, and seven children later, we were still waiting for the honeymoon to Hawaii that I had always wished for as a young girl growing up in a big family and dreaming about marriage and the "ideal honeymoon" I would like to have someday when I would meet the man of my dreams. Over the years, I have told my family often, that my children are my diamonds in life and I don't have to wear them on my finger as a testimony to my love for my husband or for them. Thirty-six years later,we now have four of our own seven children married and 8 grandchildren to add to the "diamonds in my life." Neil and I are still together, still very much in love and still dreaming about the honeymoon we never had. Hawaii may remain a timeless dream for me, but my love for my husband and my family are for always and forever timeless!

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