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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

When luck finds you
Dedicated to Terry

Submitted by Stojan

You could say there's something to luck. Is it being in the right place at the right time? Is it hearing what you're supposed to hear in spite of the voice of fear within yourself? Whatever luck is I found it in her. We were two of many who had discovered the joy of community living in Norther California. Not institutionalized living but care free living as brothers and sisters know. It was a creative learning environment more intense than college yet somehow liberating. Like a cable bridge where the stressed cables support the traffic, our lives carried the weight of daily burdens. She was interested in another fellow, actually two other fellows. Both friends of mine. I was definitiely interested in another redhead, also a friend of ours. That other girl, had the deepest colour of red hair and her eyes were a piercing blue. although of short stature she had spunk aplenty. Strange enough, those relationships with others never grew the root required to sustain them and in time they faded away like the flowers of the field in the hot California sun. So I went to Canada to search for my family roots while she stayed behind in Santa Rosa. We wrote each other nice informative letters. I still have them. Her kindness and care for how I was really doing one day prompted me to ask her to come on up to Canada and check out my friends. I was not thinking that she might be interested in checking me out more closely. I knew she was coming but didn't know when. I worked in one of those small town hardware stores with the hardwood floors that creaked when you walked on it. Little old ladies and little old men came in with the fix up jobs around the house and I would patiently help them out. The store had a big picture window looking to the bustling street which was crammed with goods. Sunlight lazily streamed through making the dust on the window stand out. Like the sameness of my life, the monotony of my daily work was as predictable as the creaking of the floor I walked on in the business. I heard my name that morning and looking down the long aisle framed by the big window with light streaming from behind her there she stood. 'Hi Terry!' Her hair as red as the sun through a big city haze and her smile as warm as a full moon in Hawaii. We had known each other four years as friends but now I sensed a change taking place. My cocoon was cracking open and emerging was something that was going to fly. Was she going to be more than a friend? Where else do you go in a relationship past freindship? Love has a language that must be learned. It's study course involving stuttering steps and making mistakes. Fear of failure stalks your every move but somehow the possibility there's joy 'in them dar hills' for the finding gives energy to the journey forward. Perhaps luck is best defined as love found me when she stepped into my life that day. Come around and I'll introduce you my grandson Gabriel.

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