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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Escape
Dedicated to My Father Bob

Submitted by Patty

My father had a fear of flying and he had promised my mother two trips, to wherever she wanted to go. One day mom approach my father and said: bob i want to go to hawaii. My dad started sweating, and said ok but you'll have to take someone with you i hate flying.
My mom picked me to go to hawaii with, and was i thrilled. My dad paid my way and even gave me 2.000 in spending money. So mom and I went to get swimsuits, shorts the whole mess.

The day came February 1st. The nine hour flight was fun, except you couldn't smoke and i almost got into it with a male hostess. But when you circle to land you see the island and it takes your breath away. So blue was the water and the land looked so lush green.

Onward to our condo, and the room was very nice and the lobby had a restaurant two storie and as you ate you watched stingrays and sharks right next to you.

The outside markets were great, the people so friendly, always smiling, I think my mouth felt frozen in a smile and it was a new experience. Then we went to see Pearl Harbor, and it was educational and emotional. When they took us out to the memorial and you could see the tops of the ships that had fallen in combat it made you so aware that you were just a little piece of the world. It made a big impression on me.

We stayed 18 nites and climbed and ran around and tried to see everything. On the last day the hotel gave us quarters to shower and get ready to go to the airport. When ready a limo picked us up (dad's surprise), and went to the airport. It was sad to be going home, I had learned of other cultures, peral harbor, diamond head, the people..but all good things must end.

Back in Columbus, my dad greated us at the airport and we hugged him and we almost overpowered him with our experiences, and dad said: wow wait till we get home at least and get coffee and they hit me with the stories: We managed to get home and for the next six hours he heard all our stories. Dad said that peral harbor would be the only thing he regetted seeing as he was in WWII. But by bedtime i hugged him and thanked them both for i had a chance to visit something so different that my everyday life. Now I only hope to go there again someday.

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