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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Love of My Life
Dedicated to My soul mate & husband, Greg

Submitted by LouAnn

I met my husband, Greg, when we both played on the church co-ed softball team. We didn't notice each other at first, and then the friendship kind of snuck up on us. Everyone around us noticed before us that we were falling for each other. After one game, the whole team went out for pizza. Greg and I were sitting next to each other when the waiter came for our order and we were goofing around. The waiter asked how long we had been married! HA, we weren't married, we weren't even dating!

We were both coming out of bad marriages and just enjoyed each other's company, but we weren't dating, yet! At first we just hung around with the softball team and we would all take turns going to someone's house after the game for more fellowship.

Then, the seasons changed, and it was time for the church co-ed volleyball to take up. Again, we were both signed up on the team and loved it. We are both very active athletically, enjoy a good challenge, and are quite competitive. That's what finally drew us together. We kept challenging each other, and pushing harder and harder.

Finally Greg and I went to see a movie together and went out for pizza. We really took our time getting to know each other and see each other's faults and differences, and getting to know our strengths, weaknesses and likenesses. It was a lot of fun!

Since we've both been married before and have four children between us (and we're even 1st-time grandparents of a 6-month old), we don't have a lot of money. We were married in a private ceremony in the park, and had an open-house reception at our home (some people even made food as our wedding gift!). We didn't get to go on a honeymoon, but our destination of choice is definitely Hawaii! I will turn 50-years old in three years and told Greg that we need to start saving money because I expect a really good trip at that time, so we'll be doing research to see where in Hawaii we would like to go.

Greg and I have been married for just over a year now and we are truly best friends and soul mates. Sometimes it's kind of scary to be with someone that knows you as well or better than you know yourself! We certainly have our trials and tribulations, but we know that together we are stronger than ever, and we are always there for the other! We are looking forward to many, many years together, and loving every minute of it!

Greg truly is "The Love of My Life!"

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