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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Once In A Lifetime Vacation
Dedicated to my Mom

Submitted by Anonymous

My Mom never went on vacations. Most folks of that era just didn't. When she was retiring, at 65, I asked her if she wanted anything special. She said she had always wanted to go to HAwaii! Wow, I thought, she had never been on a plane, she'd never been further away than Washington DC (we live in New Jersey, so that was no big deal)
she won't go to Hawaii!

So, I thought I'd call her bluff and go to the travel agent for brochures. She looked at them and said, " well, when are we going?"!

Wow again! Back to the travel agent for prices and advice. I thought we'd do a stopover in San Fransisco to see her brother, but the savvy agent suggested that perhaps do the California thing another time. When you go to HAwaii for the first time, DO IT ALL! 4 Islands...All the flavors Hawaii has to offer...

Well, the advice was outstanding, the trip was awesome and Mom still talks about it.

By the way, she is 95 today (June 20th). The trip was in 1972. She has not taken another trip of that magnitude and still talks about her excellant adventure.

I'm glad we did it too.

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