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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Second Honeymoon And More!
Dedicated to All The Blended Families

Submitted by Patty

My husband Gary and I got married on July 11, 1987. We had met in 1982, and he finally got the guts to ask me to move in with him in 1985. In the meantime, his two children moved back in with him to live. They were 13 and 16 at the time. Anyway, we struggled financially, because his ex wife got all the marital assets, as the children were supposed to live with her..however, they decided they were so unhappy in that situation, that they moved in with their Dad, in the midst of the biggest financial depression Denver has seen, since the 30's! However, we made a home for all of us, and kept everyone fed and clothed, and Gary and I still stayed together, although I had no children of my own, and had never planned on it! In 1987, on a shoestring, we decided to get married. I had frequent flier miles from my business travel, and Gary had two timeshare weeks that were paid for. We decided to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon - the first week by ourselves, and the second his kids would fly out on my miles. All worked out o.k. - not exactlly first class accomodations, but he and I snuck away for one night, from our cinder block walled condo on Maui with no air conditioning, to one romantic night alone together on Kauai, before his kids arrived on Maui.
We ended up bonding together, and having some grea days on the beach, snorkeling, cooking on our little lanai, and going to a luau.

As a woman who has no children of her own, I finally understood the meaning of loving your children, and putting them before you, when, on the last day of the trip we were so broke, we went to breakfast at Village Inn, and Gary and I skipped breakfast, so the kids could eat. We just had coffee, and smiled at each other - we knew it could only go better from here!!

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