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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Gift Touched By heaven
Dedicated to A Land Of Beauty And Mystery

Submitted by James

Heaven's beauty touched the earth;
A cluster of diamonds
Whose brilliance shines amidst
A shimmerming sea,
Inamorata, my
Ideal Hawaiian home.

A soft breeze beckons us to come indulge in the powdery sands that stretch so far and then disappear into the ocean waves. The toddler clutches a beachball almost as large as he as he waddles toward the ocean. The waves whisper upon the sand before they slide back into the depths.

The child throws his ball into the approaching wave and he joyfully dances as the water sends his prize back to him.

We are all children who dance joyfully at the antics of the waves in the peace and beauty of this land.

What more precious gift could I give my wife, my love, than to share with her the delicious taste of Hawaii's delights.

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