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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

The Engagement
Dedicated to Ashton

Submitted by Anonymous

The package came in the mail, wrapped in brown paper and with a familiar handscript on it. It was placed just inside her screen door by the delivery driver when he had found no one home.

Daisy saw it as soon as she opened the door and her curiosity was immediately aroused. It really was not large but seemed not too small either. She saw the writing "FRAGILE" on the front of the package so she did not shake it.

She laid it aside as she unlocked the front door and let herself into her house. She put down her purse and the small bag of groceries that she had purchased on her way in from work. She retrieved the package and had just started to close the door when she heard someone call her name. It was her neighbor, Mrs. Anderson.

"Did you see the package I put there, Daisy?" Mrs. Anderson was asking.

"Yes, I did. Thank you." Daisy replied.

"The driver almost did not leave it because it is insured, I believe, but I told him that he could leave it with me as I often do that for you as you were at work when they would try to deliver something." Mrs. Anderson continued as she stepped across her driveway and into Daisy's yard. Daisy could tell she was curious about the package.

"You are such a good friend! Would you like to come in and have a cup of coffee? As soon as I am settled in, I will open it and see what it is." Daisy offered.

Mrs. Anderson was a widow and sometimes lonely since her children lived in other states and did not come as often as she would like for them to visit her. She had her friends but they were not always there so she had in a way adopted Daisy since Daisy seemed to be alone as well. It made both women feel needed.

"That would be lovely, Daisy!" Mrs. Anderson accepted.

A few minutes later, while both were enjoying freshly brewed cups of coffee, Daisy opened the package. She already knew who it was from and her heart had soared when she realized that. It was from Aaron!

Aaron and Daisy had been quite serious when he had been stationed at the base near her hometown but then they had shipped him to Germany and the only contact they had now came through letters, e-mails and sometimes, international phone calls. She missed him greatly and with his absence, her social life had gone to nothing except for a couple of good friends and Mrs. Anderson. The good lady also knew the package was from Aaron.

Daisy cut the package strings open and found inside two boxes and a small card. One box said "Open me first. Then the second box. Then the card." Daisy thought that was odd but she did as it instructed.

The first box contained a gold-plated tiny minature of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was a music box. When Daisy wound it, the music that came from it was Elvis Presley's beautiful old ballad, "I CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU." Both women ooed and aahed over the music box.

Following instructions, Daisy opened the second box and what she found inside stopped her breath. A small velvet box with a perfect emerald cut diamond on a slender yellow gold band. It was an engagement ring. Daisy started to shake and even Mrs. Anderson went silent but then she said, "Open the card, Daisy!"

Daisy could barely ease the glued edge of the envelope open and found a simple blue card with a single daisy embossed on the front. When she looked inside the card, she read the words.

"I could not help falling in love with you! Would you marry me when I come back to the States in six months? If the answer is yes, please e-mail asap! Aaron.

P.S. We can honeymoon in Hawaii!"

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