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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Golden Moment Of Eternity
Dedicated to Val Anselmo

Submitted by Tom

It happenned on a Zodiac. This Zodiac was a rubber raft with an engine, and a smelly rubber raft, at that. We sat on the side of it, and held on when it picked up speed, and clumsily tried to dart over the waves that belonged in that ocean along the coast.

The trip started as tours usually do. Are we in the right place? Is this the right time? Where is everyone? Why do we always have to wait?

Then the other folks on the tour started to show up: one, then two more, then a beautiful newly wed Hawaiian couple, and then two more again.

The Zodiac raft seemed to come out of nowhere, largely announced by its noisy engine, but sprouting around the lovely end of the cove like an uninvited guest, and coming fast, piercing the calm of the scene. And why did it come so soon?

It was a leisurely pace on the Zodiac in the warm Hawaiian waters off the coast of Kauai. What a view we had of the awesome Napili coast. The tour guide was talking but who had ears for more talk, and why must there always be talk? Along the side of our Zodiac passed the most beautiful and stunning scenenery, scenery that had been there for the millenia. We humans, we creatures, temporarily passed it by, at some tidbit in time along it's geologic history.

And then there was no time, no time at all. The talking on the Zodiac stopped, at least I didn't hear any. Thoughts stopped. There were only the two of us, and that lovely Hawaiian couple, sitting on a boat, rocking back and forth on an Ocean, all part of the calm of the scenery and place and that which is. At that moment, if it were a moment, I did know that there was no past, no future awaited us, and a huge quietness descended, a quietness that could not be awakened by the rudeness of any human worry.

I could not hear the sound of the engine, for me I was no longer on a boat. I was inside the timeless beauty that comes upon us when there is no thought, and I exploded with the feeling of really really being there, the two of us, that lovely Hawaiian Couple, and all that is.

And then it was over. A wave from the great Pacific Ocean came upon us, and with a great motion, slapped the side of the boat. Enough, it said. The thoughts returned, the past, the future, the worries, and suddenly around us were the talking of the tour guide and the other guests. More talk!

Somewhere out there on another Zodiac, on another moment, on another Sunset, the timeless and eternal has decided to make a stop, and it is waiting for us to come back and try to find it again, if but for a moment, in this glorious place. And the reality of a wave will beckon us all back to time.

We must go again, bobble on the waves into that timeless land, hoping that someday again it may remove the breath of thought from our minds, and cleanse us of all daily concerns. And we need not concern that we will get lost in it forever, for there is that Hawaiian Wave from the great Pacific to bring us back to each other.

In a moment of truth, achieved not by logic and reasoning, but by pure insight, but by pure being, but by becoming all that is, by being those around us, and each of us, the truth peeks through: we are all that we have, each other, moving along in that boat, on that Hawaiian moment, on another Hawaiin wave, lolling about in the Great Pacific off the Napili Coast, wondering how did it all come about, and how were we brought here to this place that we shall never forget, and that we shall seek again. Oh sadly, we can not find it by seeking, we were gently jarred into this consciousness of all that is, by the great presence of life.

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