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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Missing You from Honolulu
Dedicated to Mischelle

Submitted by Greg

Work had again taken me away from my family. Traveling was a bonus to some people but to me it was a chore. I loved being at home playing with my children. But mostly I loved being with my wife. She is my very best friend. We can talk at length about nothing, sit on the porch and watch the sun going down or weed around the flowers in her "Mothers Garden." I made it one year with a statue of a mother holding her child. It has two rose bushes and lots of flowers but the centerpiece is a small patch of cement with three sets of hand prints embedded in it. The kids enjoyed playing in the cement.

Now I sit in my hotel, one block off of Waikiki. I have had many trips to this island when I was active duty in the Navy. This was my first trip here since being married. I began to see things from a new perspective this time. A view of Diamond Head made me wish she could see this. A rainbow appeared over the beach and I longed to hold her as we watched it together. A photo was all that I could bring home for her. I strode along the beaches and climbed the tops of hills. I went to all the places I remembered from my previous visits. But all of them seemed emptier than before. Even my passion for pineapple seemed tempered without the giggles of laughter she would make when I acted silly. I sat at the Dole Plantation and looked out at the fields. I wished she could have been there. My spirits perked up only when visiting the shops. Every one made me want to show her the beauty I see here. The delicate balance of nature displayed with awe for everyone to see. I purchased so many souvenirs I needed another suitcase before I left.

I missed my family when I traveled to most other places. Some were close enough that they could come with me. But the beauty of Hawaii, the natural romance of the beaches at sunset or Koko Head at sunrise made me long for home, for her. I have found no other place like it in the world. I would return again someday. But next time it would be to bring the woman I loved.

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